Ceramics is a broad category in which objects range widely in form and function, and vary in material from unfired clay to high fired porcelains. Numerous techniques, including hand-forming, casting and wheel throwing, are used to create ceramic objects. Glazes, paints and slips are commonly used to decorate the surfaces. Because of their brittle nature, ceramics are most subject to impact damage and chipping; surface decoration layers can also delaminate or appear worn. SBE has extensive experience working with this popular medium in all of its manifestations.

ceramic ceramic ceramic
Example of Work

This elegant 1930s teapot had small losses to the glaze at the spout and on the interior of the lid, revealing the brownish stoneware body below. The translucency of the glazes and variation in color along the edge of the spout required the layering of opaque and translucent fill materials to achieve an appropriate color match.

1930s Teapot Before Treatment

Ceramic Teapot Before Treatment

1930s Teapot After Treatment

Ceramic Teapot After Treatment