Fee Schedule
Mary and Child

Free initial conversation by email or telephone.

  • General Hourly Treatment Rate: $125/hr
  • General Dayrate: $800
  • Consultation onsite or in Studio: $150
  • travel time subject to additional charge; multiple objects subject to additional charge.

30% of total cost requested before treatment commences.

New York Sales tax will be applied to fees for services rendered.

Additional pick-up and delivery fees apply or arrangement can be made by client at their own cost.

Storage fees will apply if object is not picked-up within 60 days of notification of completion of treatment.

Assist with design and sourcing of display mounts, cases and other materials.


Object examination and assessment of treatment needs.

Written report including general object description, condition assessment, treatment proposal and cost estimate.

Written acceptance by client of estimate and payment of 30% of total cost.

Arrangements for delivery of object to studio or for on-site treatment. Signed delivery confirmation document required.

All stages of treatment are documented digitally and in writing.

If there is a significant change in the treatment proposal or the final fees will be more than 20% of initial total, the client’s acceptance of the changes will be necessary in writing.

Object returns to client, final treatment report including digital images provided on CD. Final payment is due at this time.